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What Real Estate Agents Have To Say About Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads

Leads2Listing is a Real Estate Software that helps agents attract and capture Home Seller Leads. Recently we spoke to some of the Real Estate agents that are using Leads2Listing to capture Real Estate Leads for Realtors and Real Estate Seller Leads.     Joel’s  experience attracting Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads has exploded over the past 3 months from using Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads landing page.  Joel has expressed to us that it’s the Best Leads for Realtors by far! Thanks Joel!     Brett has used our Seller Lead capturing sites to establish himself into a new market and help build relationships… Read more

3 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Real Estate Seller Leads Follow Up

    When following up with your Real Estate Seller Leads it’s important to have a solid and effective strategy to make the most of your efforts.    Here are 3 little changes that you can make when following up with Home Seller Leads.    1. Send a Personalized Note to Your Seller Leads.    Study’s have shown the physiological effect of sending a personalized note or hand written note to a prospect helps significantly with building trust and establishing a connection. In today’s world of high tech, where almost everything is done online, there is often very little thought about… Read more

My top 5 effective strategies on getting home seller leads to respond and hire you as their agent

  There are several types of Real Estate Seller Leads and not one follow up campaign will work for all of them.  Here are the ones we have written for and have worked with.  Below is a list of the types of prospects and my simple yet effective strategies that make your  follow up efforts that more powerful.  When these are used with well written follow up emails they double your chances of getting the deal.     Let’s assume that you have captured  a large amount of Home Seller Leads and you are well into your email campaigns, they are up… Read more

A New Way for Agents to Get Real Estate Leads for Realtors

Former 30 Under 30 Realtor Magazine finalist Travis Thom, a broker in Albuquerque New Mexico has developed a Home Seller Leads generation software for the Real Estate industry.        Home Seller Leads for Realtors   Every day thousands of home owners are going online, trying to find current and accurate information about the value of their property. Travis Thom’s leads generation product gives Real Estate agents a competitive edge to be placed in front of those home owners and strike while the iron is hot.    One of the top problems for an agent is getting listings. We hear it all… Read more

Here are 3 of the best ways to generate Real Estate Seller Leads using Facebook Ads

                            Hi, I’m Travis Thom!  I am the co-founder of Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads and just like you, I am a Real Estate agent. I started our Seller Lead generation service after my success that landed me a spot in Realtor Magazines Top 30 Under 30 as a top finalist. Below is just one of the effective strategies I used to close millions in sales each year. By using Facebook targeted ads you can zone in on the people that you want to be your future clients. It’s an amazing way to generate leads… Read more

5 Proven Real Estate Marketing Strategies

 5 Proven Real Estate Marketing Strategies   Hint: It’s not about having an Open House or door knocking… Whether you think you’re a natural at marketing your Real Estate business or not you can always improve. And it’s quite easy.   Did you think great marketing is a skill only a few are born with? That you either have it – or you don’t?   Well, the truth is, some people do have more inborn ability than others. But it’s equally true that no matter how much or little of that ability you have, you can improve by studying technique –… Read more