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Win More Listings By Lead Nurturing Home Seller Leads

Lead nurturing essentially in it’s pure form is about building trust with potential customers that are not ready to buy the moment they make contact with your business. This is definitely true for the Real Estate industry with buyers and sellers.  Hubspot found that 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. (Source: Gleanster Research). Knowing this, every lead you capture should be nurtured for the long term with the goal of building trust over time.   A home owners largest asset is their home and they are going to hire a professional that they trust with their… Read more

How To Run A Real Estate Seller Lead Facebook Ad Campaign To Get Listings

You’re building your Real Estate Seller Leads database right? If you’re not, you need to start today. Because someone else is and they are determined to take over your market share of listings. Now this shouldn’t scare you or freak you out, because really there is enough Real Estate to go around for everyone. However, the market is heating up and it’s getting pretty competitive for agents out there. With so many different ways to generate listing to leads, some agents are left scratching there heads wondering what route they should take and what works and what doesn’t… What Does… Read more

3 Facebook Ninja Marketing Strategies That You Can Use To Generate More Seller Leads Today

  There are so many different ways to use Facebook to generate more Home Seller Leads for your business, so today we will cover a few of the ones that are some ninja marketing strategies that are often over look or unused and how to apply them to your Real Estate Lead Generation today.   1. Target Home Owners That Work At A Company That Is Being Shut Down or Re-locating It happens. Companies shut down, downsize or re-locate to a different city for economic reasons and many of the employees need to go with the company and decide to sell their… Read more

7 Resources For Mastering Online Real Estate Marketing For Real Estate Seller Leads

How to Generate Leads in Real Estate And Then Convert Them Into Sellers Using Online Marketing   Imagine that you could get access to a list of the top tools to use to help you with your Real Estate Lead Generation Systems and help you to focus on building your business.  We’ll today is that day. We will go over the top resources that you can use to implement a smarter online and offline marketing strategy to generate more leads and turn them into closed sales. As your business grows and the busier you get, you’ll need to scale and automate… Read more

A Resource Guide To Creating High Converting Real Estate Seller Lead Home Value Landing Pages

A Resource Guide To Creating High Converting Real Estate Seller Lead Home Value Landing Pages   Landing pages are web pages that are designed for one goal and one purpose that lead to business sales. That goal is conversions, and conversions are when a lead ( a web visitor ) takes the outlined steps that you want them to take and that you have laid out in your design of the landing page process. Conversion goals can include everything from downloading an ebook for sellers or home buyers to submitted their information to get a home valuation report on their… Read more

5 Smart Ways To Use Facebook Ad Targeting To Target Real Estate Seller Leads

How to Generate Leads in Real Estate Using Facebook Ads   Almost as many people that use Facebook live in the entire country of China. Now that’s a huge number of active daily users that login every day and spend countless hours of time on the largest social network.  That is over 1.3 billion people, that billion with a capital B…  With so many active users, Facebook has become the preferred marketing arena for lead generation for marketing agencies and business world wide.      Recently Facebook advertising has become a great way to create Lead Generation Real Estate Agents and… Read more

How to get listings with Facebook

How to Get Listings for Real Estate Using Facebook   Wondering How to Get listings in Real Estate? In the past 24 months the game of Real Estate Lead Generation online has changed. Not in a bad way, however there are some amazing opportunities that you may be missing out on if you are not paying attention to the latest updates to Facebook specifically.  You may have been wondering what or How to Get Real Estate Listings Strategies to work for you by using social media and more strategically how to I get Listing Leads for Realtors. The list of what you should do… Read more

Top 6 Things that Drive Up the Cost of Your Facebook Ads Conversions For Real Estate Seller Leads

Many agents are using Facebook Ads as a Real Estate Lead Generation tool and Facebook Ads targeting to generate Real Estate Listing Leads is one of the more effective Real Estate Lead Generation platforms out there today, specifically when it comes to conversions and Home Valuation Landing Pages. Real Estate agents with this knowledge of Facebook’s ad platform are often able to do very well and get a lot of Real Estate Leads and conversions with Facebook Ads. There’s one thing that haunts all Real Estate agents using Facebook to generate Home Seller Leads, however: the cost of your Facebook Ads conversions.  Running Facebook Ads can get… Read more

How To Use SMS Text Messages for Real Estate Lead Generation

Did you get your home valuation I sent over? If you are using the many different Real Estate Lead Generation Websites out there, you may have been over looking a very important and simple tool that is helping agents to increase conversions and close deals.  What is it? SMS text messaging. It’s nothing new to the scene, however it’s powerful when used in Real Estate Lead Generation Systems like home valuation landing pages.   Real Estate Leads for Realtors and SMS Text messages are becoming very effective for Real Estate agents in their Home Seller Leads follow up process.  How does it… Read more

The art and science of following up with Real Estate seller leads

  You’ve successfully incorporated a real estate lead generation site into your marketing process and started to capture some qualified Real Estate Seller Leads. Congratulations! But before you rest too much on your laurels, remember that your job doesn’t start and end with a list of new Home Seller Leads, no matter how promising they seem. You need to take the necessary steps to transform your qualified marketing leads into listings. If the road from qualified lead to home sale seems like a long and rocky one, take heart. It’s true that just because visitors to your site have asked you for market analyses of their… Read more