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How To Run A Real Estate Seller Lead Facebook Ad Campaign To Get Listings

You’re building your Real Estate Seller Leads database right? If you’re not, you need to start today. Because someone else is and they are determined to take over your market share of listings. Now this shouldn’t scare you or freak you out, because really there is enough Real Estate to go around for everyone. However, the market is heating up and it’s getting pretty competitive for agents out there. With so many different ways to generate listing to leads, some agents are left scratching there heads wondering what route they should take and what works and what doesn’t… What Does… Read more

Here are 3 of the best ways to generate Real Estate Seller Leads using Facebook Ads

                            Hi, I’m Travis Thom!  I am the co-founder of Leads2Listing Real Estate Seller Leads and just like you, I am a Real Estate agent. I started our Seller Lead generation service after my success that landed me a spot in Realtor Magazines Top 30 Under 30 as a top finalist. Below is just one of the effective strategies I used to close millions in sales each year. By using Facebook targeted ads you can zone in on the people that you want to be your future clients. It’s an amazing way to generate leads… Read more