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  • Capture More Leads

    Capture 300% more leads with our beautiful transaction following Single Property Websites and Home Valuation Websites

  • Start Conversations

    Using our built-in autoresponder system, customized to each site,  start conversations with each lead and nurture them into becoming your client.

  • Unlimited Sites

    Unlimited Single Property Websites, Unlimited Home Valuation Websites. All included for our Plus Plan users to create a strong, professional, online presence.

  • Address Capture

    For our Home Value Websites, we capture partial lead information, just as address only, for your convenient follow up process.

  • Lead Notifications

    Never miss when a lead requests more information. Email, text, sms, and dashboard notifications are sent automatically to you.

  • Assign Leads

    Working with a team, lender, title agent, or junior agent? Send lead notifications where you want them, without giving away access to your account.

  • Facebook Mastermind

    Join other Elevated Real Estate Marketing users across the globe in conversations about best practices, tips and tricks, and learn about new features as they happen.

  • Send Leads to Lenders

    Automatically send leads interested in refinancing their home directly to your preferred lender without missing a beat or dropping the ball on a lead.

  • Custom Domains

    User your own domain for any one of your Elevated REM websites and marketing it anywhere and everywhere you'd like.

  • In-App Support

    Questions, comments, concerns, knock knock jokes, and kitten memes can all be sent to our team from right inside your dashboard. We're here!

  • Coming Soon, Just Listed, Just Sold

    Market your listing, no matter the transaction stage. Gather leads throughout your success and build a pipe-line of leads.

  • Customization

    Each site is fully customizble. Upload your own background image or video, choose your theme color, font, and headlines, upload your profile or the profile of a team member.

  • Premium Property Sites

    Three gorgeous, awesome, amazing, professionally designed Single Property Websites are your new best friend and your Seller's dream come true.

  • Leads to Listings

    Generate a continuous flow of leads from our high converting home valuation landing pages and turn each lead in to your next listing.

  • Listings to Leads

    Each Single Property website has built-in lead capture so each listing becomes a lead generating machine. Interested visitors are asked for their information in order to learn the price of your new listing.


Did you know that over 70% of internet traffic is from web visitors on their phones? Our single property sites and home value landing pages are fully mobile responsive so that your site looks amazing on every mobile phone or tablet to ensure the best look usability when a mobile user visits your site. Using a mobile first design, we’ve built our sites to handle every type of mobile device, so Real Estate leads don’t leave your site because they have to pinch and zoom. In today’s market, mobile engagement is critical, we’ve made sure you are mobile ready, so you don’t have to worry.


Easily create an unlimited amount of visually stunning single property sites! Build out as many single property websites as you need for every listing you have. Want to target 5 or 15 different market areas at the same time with multiple home valuation landing pages? No problem, you can launch unlimited, separate home value sites and make them custom to each market area you are targeting. Cast a wider net and generate more home seller leads by creating hyper local home valuation landing pages that are focused on that specific area using a background image of the market area, city or neighborhood name in the headline text. Build a larger Real Estate seller lead data base with more hyper local home value sites!

property websites


Our single property lead capturing sites and our home valuation landing pages are built by agents for agents. Our premium features help to not only keep your pipeline full of potential listings, but also make Real Estate Lead Generation and Home Seller Lead generation easy and seamless. When your goal is to generate Real Estate listing leads, you need the right tools to help you capture, nurture leads to listings.

Real Estate Seller Leads


Spark a conversion and engage seller leads with a powerful automated email follow up system that delivers drip emails to your leads over time. Nurture your leads and follow up with like a pro! Want to send an email to your leads 5 minutes after you’ve captured them into your seller lead landing page? With our autoresponder email system you can, you can also send emails by day, week, month and create email drip campaigns that will last for years to ensure that you keep in touch with each lead.

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Instantly receive a Real Estate lead notification the moment you capture a seller lead or buyer lead from your single property site or home valuation site via email and never miss out on an opportunity to follow up and win the listing. Converting buyer leads to closings and seller leads to listings is easier with our powerful lead notification system, studies show that home owners hire the first agent they connect with, make sure that you are the first to respond with our lighting fast Real Estate lead notification system and start turning those buyer and seller leads into profitable closings.


Easily manage, edit, create notes and change the status of each buyer and seller lead with our online lead management tool. Keep track of all your Real Estate leads in one centralized dashboard and get a snap shot of your hottest Real Estate leads. Your built in CRM is perfect for agents to manage which listing leads received a CMA, which buyer leads want to tour your listings and who is selling in the next 30 days and which leads to follow up with later in the year.


We set out on a mission to create the most beautiful single property websites that help agents build a stronger brand for themselves and help them sell more homes. The result was a series of property sites that accomplished several goals: showcase the property, follow the evolution of the listing, capture leads, and impress home owners. Each site can be used during every stage of a listing – Coming Soon, Just Listed, and Just Sold. With Elevated Real Estate marketing Agents are showcasing their listings but also impressing future sellers. Good Real Estate Marketing gets the property sold. Great Real Estate marketing gets you more listings and acts like a domino effect, helping to position you as the agent buyers and sellers want to work with.

Real Estate Leads Build Your Property Site Today


Take any of our single property sites and your choice of color and address style. You can easily customize our single property sites in just minutes and our home valuation sites can be customized to fit your companies branding and style. You can change the background photo, change the colors,size and font style of the text. It’s your site, so you can edit it however you wish and make it your own. From stealth landing pages, to showing off your branding and brokerage our landing pages are easy to build out any way you want them to look with just a few clicks. Not a designer? No worries, we’ve got you covered! We’ve made our property sites and our home value landing pages pre-designed and ready to launch, all they need is your information and they are ready to start generating Real Estate seller leads!

real estate leads


No matter if your seller lead leaves your site before submitting more information, or if they simple get distracted or if life gets busy for them and the walk away from the computer… Our Seller Lead system will always capture the home owners property address the moment they enter it in on the first page of your home valuation site, ensuring that you capture the most important information, which is the home address of the property they want to know the value of.


Join our Facebook Mastermind Group of top industry experts across the world, from North America, Canada to New Zealand to experience in what’s working, best tips and tricks and how to generate and convert more seller leads into listings. Top producing agents uncover their Real Estate marketing ideas from Facebook campaigns to leads to listings follow up emails. Get access to the best minds in the industry and boost your seller lead conversion intelligence.


Want to use your own custom domain name? Sure thing! We’ve got you covered. You can use your custom domain so that our’s will never be seen. In just a few steps we can easily hide our domain and use any custom domain that you want to use for your seller lead landing page, just email our support team and we will get the ball rolling!


Our home valuation landing pages are built with conversion in mind. Choose from two different home valuation design themes that you can use to generate interested seller leads that come to you to know the value of their home.

seller leads for real estate agents


Get stuck or need help? Our amazing support team is always ready to help you. Our in-dashboard chat support and our email support team is ready to help you with any question you have, just ask the pro’s and they will guide you through any situation whether it’s about just getting started or how to write a better headline to get a higher conversion from your seller leads.


Choose from a few different stunning single property site and home valuation site styles and themes with our theme switcher. Our expertly designed websites have been crafted by heavy hitters in the online Real Estate lead generation arena and each website is built to convert leads. Want to capture the seller leads name, email, phone number and address on the first page? No problem, we’ve designed our landing pages to do just that! Want to promote a coming soon listing, just listed or just sold? No worries, you can do that with the click of a button on your single property sites. Would you like to capture just the property address on the first page of a home valuation site? We have that too! With the simple click of a button you can switch back and forth from each landing page theme, it’s that easy.

Single Property Websites


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“I recently sign up for Elevated REM so we can have coming soon websites and more. We built an amazing looking single property website and ran 1 Facebook Ad.  In one day we have received 11 leads with 2 appts!”

” I was intrigued to try out Elevated Real Estate Marketing, single property sites. This was incredibly SIMPLE. And my sellers now think I’m a rock star for creating this website  . Woke up this morning to 4 new leads in my inbox! Love love love this! I would highly encourage you to test out the 14 day trial.”

“When I was searching for a Single Property Site, I really thought I found something special with Elevated REM. Amazing affordable luxury sites for a fraction of what other vendors cost.”

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