How To Create A FB Ad Funnel With Re-Targeting Pixels

Welcome LCA LIVE Attendees!

I’m glad you’ve taken the opportunity to learn more about how to incorporate winning funnels and pixels in to your Real Estate business plan. On this page you’ll find the step-by-step guide showing you how to create a Facebook re-targetting pixel, a copy of the slides seen at my LCA LIVE presentation, and a special offer for LCA LIVE attendees from Elevated Real Estate Marketing’s beautifully designed single property websites and home valuation landing pages.
Thanks again for watching and listening. Enjoy! 

-Travis Thom

1Step-by-step guide to creating a Facebook Ad Pixel:

2Copy of the slide deck from the LCA LIVE presentation:


3Special offer for LCA LIVE attendees from Elevated REM:


Unlimited Single Property Websites + Unlimited Home Valuation Websites. All included for our Plus Plan users to create a strong, professional, online presence. Top of Funnel and Middle of Funnel at your fingertips. This all-in-one marketing system makes creating a strong online presence seamless and helps establish YOU as the professional expert.

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    Unlimited Single Property Websites + Unlimited Home Valuation Websites. All included for our Plus Plan users to create a strong, professional, online presence.


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    With our “assign leads” tool you can forward the lead information received to most CRM assigned email addresses and the information will be automatically uploaded for you.

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