Getting Leads

Congrats on your site! We’re glad you’re with us.

You’re on this link because you are wondering when you will start getting leads. It’s important to understand that your lead volume is a direct result of your marketing efforts and the way your site is set up in order to attract sellers. It is also important to know that not every lead that visits your website will complete the form to the end, ultimately providing their contact information.

Realistically, you can expect a high volume of addresses that do not include contact information. Please note: This does not mean your website is not working, is broken, or is failing. The most important piece of information you need when capturing Seller leads is the property address because with that information you are able to follow up and provide quality listing information.. Look for our “Not All Is Lost” email coming to you in a few days with great information on how to use these addresses only submissions to your business advantage. We also discuss some ideas in the Getting Started Guide and in the Masterminds Group.

If you feel like your website needs some help we offer a free tune-up. Our customer support staff will take a look at your site and give it a face lift for no extra charge. We read your headlines, check your background images, and make subtle changes that are proven to be effective. If you’d like a tuneup, please don’t hesitate to ask. Tuneups are completed within 3 business days of your request. Just send us an email, subject line “Tune Up” and we will get started.

Thanks, and Happy Listing!