Go ahead. Take the plunge.

There are a lot of seller leads in that ocean.

  1. Choose Your Fields

    Our dashboard allows you to determine what information you’d like to be required on the Home Page before proceeding to the next page. You can also change the call to action from “Find My Home” to any thing you’d like.

  2. Capture The Address

    The property address is the most important information, we understand. With our auto-complete address field, entering a property address is simple and encouraging.

  3. Partial vs. Full

    Even if the Home Page is the only page a Seller lead completes, all of the information will be sent to you so that you can still make contact.

  1. Property Located

    As soon as a Seller enters their address we get to work locating the property so that they know we mean business.

  2. Property Details

    By asking certain property details, you are provided with enough information to create a custom report for the Seller. These details are also sent to you via email and text/SMS.

  3. Additional Fields

    Again, we make the information you want to gather as easy as possible. We offer a range of other fields for you to use in order to broaden the details requested. These are easily changed within your dashboard.

  1. Immediately Notified

    As soon as a Seller lead sees this page you are immediately notified they have completed the forms. We will send you an email with all of the details that they provided as well as a text/SMS.

  2. Personalized

    Providing your personal image, contact information, and social media links tells the Seller you are a real live person who will take their request for a home valuation seriously.

  3. Local Expert

    Now that you’ve captured your Seller lead’s information you can begin to follow up and win that listing!

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