Let's Get Started!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Publishing Your Site.

An Overview

  1. One site or Three?

    Depending on the plan you chose when signing up, the first thing you will see when logging in is either your Leads Tab (one site) or your Site Selection Tab (three sites). If you have 3 sites, start by clicking on the site you would like to customize first, then click on Profile. If you chose 1 site, head straight on over to Profile.

  2. Profile First.

    You'll see in the Profile Tab that most of your personal information has been auto populated for you. Take a moment to ensure that the information provided here is the information you want displayed on your site. Remember, you cannot change your username but you can, however, use a custom domain to mask this name in your URL.

  3. Settings.

    Once you've browsed your Profile, head on over to Settings and lets get started with making the look and feel of your site truly yours. You'll see that each section is broken down in to easily identifiable sections so you know exactly what you are changing. Get creative! Use a background image that is local to your market area and shine with your colors and text.

Customize the Look

PRO TIP: Don't forget to "Save" after each customization!

  1. First & Last Name

    Is the name populated correct? Do you go by a nickname? Update these sections to make sure they are correct.

  2. Email & Website

    The email address shown is where you will receive your lead notifications. This email address will also be shown on the final page of your site. You can also include a link to your Real Estate website so visitors can learn more about you.

  3. Password

    Now is a great time to change your password to something you will remember. Make it strong! Our automatic strength calculator will help you along.

  1. General

    The very first thing to select is your desired Theme. Selecting your Theme will determine the fields and customization options for the rest of the site.

  2. Page Sections

    Inside each page section is where you will change your Headlines (content), text, colors, and call-to-action buttons. You can also upload your logo! Notice the Default theme has a stand alone page for collecting the Seller’s contact information. This is exclusive to this theme!

  3. Footer & Misc.

    You can easily turn off the Leads2Listing footer at the bottom of the Default Theme. Also, enter any analytic or tracking codes under Misc.


  1. Page Sections

    As with the Default theme, each page section allows you to update your headlines, colors, font types, and button text. You’ll notice the Contact Details Page is not present on the Flat theme – this is because the Flat theme asks for contact information on the Home page.

  2. Social Media

    Exclusive to the Flat theme, update links to your Social Media profiles. Small icons will appear on the final page of your site that will allow Sellers to get to know you better while you are preparing their custom report.

  3. Misc.

    Again, enter any analytic or tracking codes under Misc.



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Background Magic

  1. Add New Email

    Your email list is currently empty so you’ll need to create your first email. After clicking on “Add New Email” our autoresponder system will take you through a simple step-by-step process to create emails that will captivate, nurture, and convert your leads in to clients. Studies have shown that it takes approximately 7 points of contact with a lead before they convert in to a client. With that in mind, create at least 5-10 follow up emails that are relevant to Sellers and that will help you win the listing.

  2. 36 Pre-Written Emails

    If you’re having a hard time knowing what to say for that many emails you can purchase 36 pre-written emails for just $2.00 per email – Here >>

  1. New Leads

    New Leads will appear with a gray highlight background and will always be at the top of the Leads list.

  2. Notes and Status

    With “At A Glance” visuals you can quickly see the Lead’s status, contact details, and notes that you have written.

  3. Click on the Lead for more

    By clicking on any lead you have full Lead management at your fingertips and Lead Boost information details.

  1. Edit Details

    After you’ve clicked on a lead you can edit all of the details associated with that Lead, including changing it’s status to reflect where you are in the conversion process.

  2. Send An Email or SMS

    From right within your Lead Details you can send the lead an email or text/SMS message to ad that personal touch. Each lead is also automatically started on your Autoresponder campaign.

  3. Lead Boost

    Say good-bye to partial leads. With our Lead Boost details you will be provided with all of the information for nearly every property address entered in to your site. This means even if a Seller doesn’t provide their contact info you will have it anyway.



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