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When building a seller lead generation campaign, your main goal is to get conversions. Clicks to close as we like to say it… In order to hit those goals and knock one or many out of the park your focus should first be creating the perfect seller lead Facebook Ad. The Best Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents are Facebook ads that generate Motivated Sellers Real Estate Leads.

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Whether you are just starting out capturing Real Estate Seller Leads on Facebook or you are a good ole’ pro at generating Seller Leads using Facebook ads, we have gone over a few of the best Facebook ads that have helped to generate seller leads for agents and we review why they are kicking ass.

Every part of a Home Seller Leads ad has a certain formula that is being used that makes it successful. Let’s explore what those certain elements are and why you need them in your Facebook ads as Real Estate Leads for Realtors.

Text-  Your text paragraph is at the top of your ad and this needs to be attention grabbing. Make it relevant to the purpose of your goal, which in the case of Real Estate Seller Leads, you need to write your headline to either ask a question, example, “How much is your home worth in today’s market?”  Or, my personal favorite, which is to combine a statement and a question, “Home sales are heating up! What is your property’s value? Find out what you can sell it for!”

Image- The image in your ad needs to be eye catching. Facebook loves images and so do the people that will be clicking on your ads so you want to make sure that you pick out one that connects your headline’s message to your goal of capturing the lead.  In most cases this will be an image of a house or a neighborhood. However play around with your images and see what works best for you. 

Headline- This headline gets to the point. One line that says or asks it all. If a Seller glances at your ad this Headline should be what makes them take a second look to read it all. 

Description- Expanding on what this ad is about helps someone seeing the ad determine if it is something they are truly interested in. Similar to the headline, using questions or combined questions and statements is always a good idea. 

Call To Action- This is where people click to go to your website. Your call-to-action choices vary, however “Learn More” tends to be the best option that works with home valuation style landing pages. The prompt to take action is very important, web visitors needs to be told what to do next, whatever your goal is that you want them to do, is something that you need to explain and ask them to accomplish in order to reach your conversion goals. 

But lets get to the good stuff. As promised, here are 5 Listing Leads for Realtors ad examples that have high conversion rates. As a bonus, we’ve included a link to download the images used! Enjoy!

 Realtor Lead Generation

Why This Ad Works: For many people, cutting to the chase is the ultimate way to get their attention. Not overly “fluffy”, no confusing information – this playful ad gets right to the point. By adding in dollar amounts this ad also immediately strikes a nerve. Not knowing whether a home is worth $250k or $600k can be unnerving for a Seller so it intrigues them and makes them want to know! Also, this colorful image, which include more possible values, is a perfect visual teaser. The image does all of the heavy lifting for this simple, yet effective, ad. 

Design Accomplishments: playful color, builds trust, professional design, taps emotions, leaves author ambiguous. 

Copy and Paste:
Would Your Home Sell for $249,000 or $599,000?
You Might Be Surprised!

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Why This Ad Works: This ad has a very specific target audience: affluent Baby Boomers. The imagery and text speak directly to the equity, and investment, minded home owner. The image invokes lifestyle and empty nests. This demographic is likely educated and seeks knowledge about a decision prior to making it, hence the relatable ad copy. 

Design Accomplishments: lifestyle photo relevant to target audience, smart ad copy, elegant font, clear message 

Copy and Paste:
Knowledge is power & value is security. Explore both & gain insight on your home’s value. 
About Your Investment.
Has your home’s equity increased in today’s market? 

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Why This Ad Works: Going back to great color and simplicity, this ad does both beautifully. We love ads that match the landing page they link, creating undeniable consistency. The chart-and-graph style image plays on the idea that the Seller will be receiving data and a custom report. The ad copy asks questions and focuses on the market by making it’s behavior something of interest. This ad draws Sellers in by keeping the subject broad but the casual ad copy lets them know they could be affected. 

Design Accomplishments: chart-and-graph image is relevant to providing a report, simple, very clean, fun colors, casual ad copy 

Copy and Paste:
Grab Your Free Market Report For Your Home. See What The Market Is Doing With Home Values.  
Hows The Market?
Get a custom report on your home’s current market value. Fast. Easy. Free.

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Why This Ad Works: We don’t know what’s behind that door but we want to know. I’m sure its a vast expanse of knowledge about the market and how the value of home’s have increased. Am I right? Nothing strikes intrigue like a door with a paragraph of knowledge above it to to make a Seller yearn for more information. By providing data about the market area this Agent is already proving themselves to be the expert. They immediately build trust by giving Sellers information about the current trends which is a proven tactic when asking someone for something in return – their contact and property information. Reciprocity. It’s always a winner. Keep in mind though, the data for this ad is specific to this neighborhood so be sure to look up the data for your market area when copying and pasting! 

Design Accomplishments: colorful door of knowledge, data, reciprocity, “learn more”, oozes expertise, call to action

Copy and Paste:
8 homes sold in May 2015, 4 more than April! There was a 5%  price increase month over month and a 7% increase year over year. These market changes affect your home’s value! Click below to get your home’s TRUE value today!
Nob Hill Home Values
Nob Hill home values have changed recently with new market sales. Get your new home value!

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Why This Ad Works: Questions always rope in someone’s curiosity better than almost any other ad copy. This ad is full of questions that make the Seller THINK. When left not knowing the answer they do the natural thing and want to “Learn More”. This ad has generated over $2,000,000 in closings for the user in 120 days. Not exaggerating. This is one of THE BEST producing ads we have seen and yet it is so simple. This specific ad targets females, because of the image, and statistically females between the age of 45-65 are the largest demographic on Facebook. Also, this demographic tends to be the leading decision makers regarding finances for their home. This is a fantastic recipe for high conversion.  

Design Accomplishments: uses questions, photo that calls to women

Copy and Paste:
How much is your home worth? What could you sell it for in today’s market?
What’s Your Home Worth?
How much is your home worth? Home values are rising! Find out the true value of your home today.

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round5Bonus Pro Tip!

A & B Split Testing

Because I like sharing so much with you I thought you might also find this useful. 
What is A&B split testing?
Facebook allows you to run several different images for one ad and also run several different ads for the same landing page. A and B split testing is simply testing ad A against the performance of ad B and seeing which image, text, copy and headline get the best performance and clicks and conversions.
With images we always suggest running at least 2 different ads, using different images, different ad copy and then split testing them against each other. I suggest giving 30 days for a full campaign. This way you have enough time to gather deeper data on which ad works, and you have time for the ads to build a higher frequency and visibility to your audience. This way you as testing can be in front of maybe a few thousand versus only a few hundred, which can make a difference.
Here’s an example of an A & B split campaign:
Leads for Real Estate Agents
These 2 ads were run for the same duration, targeting the same audience, and had drastically different results. In order to maximize your advertising budget, starting out with a split campaign can help you narrow down the ad the your audience best responds to. 
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