Listings to leads

Webinar Replay

real estate lead generation

During this amazing webinar you will learn:

  • The Exact Facebook Ad Formula That Million Dollar Advertising Companies Use
  • The Four Types Of Seller Lead Ads And How To Use Them Correctly
  • The Psychology And Persuasion Of Seller Lead Ads
  • Why Some Ads Don’t Work. (It’s Not Over-Saturation)
  • How To Create A Winning Seller Lead Ad That Gets Results



72% of Sellers hire the first Agent they interview. 
Be the first Agent in front of Sellers with amazing eye-catching ads that demand attention like a neon billboard in the middle of their living room. Facebook Advertising - done right. 




CLICK HERE for a swipe file of every image and ad you saw during the webinar. We’ve also included a pdf of the webinar slides so you can easily and quickly reference them when creating your new and improved Facebook ad. Enjoy and Happy New Year!