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We are really glad you’ve chosen to learn  more about our product! We think you are going to enjoy what you see and hopefully you won’t be able to part with us! With that said, let’s start with the basics!
chooseyourplanSigning up is easy-peasy. Simply choose your desired plan, enter your credit card information and then log in using the assigned credentials that we send right to your email address! It’s that easy to get a site. Most of your information is already populated, too, so you don’t have to worry about starting out with a bare bones website. 

Inside of your dashboard you are able to choose which site to customize (if you’ve chosen one of our awesome 3 site plans!), manage your leads, update your Profile (this includes contact information, a beautiful picture of yourself, social media links, etc.), edit your Settings (background image, text, colors, etc.), and switch between our theme options (2 themes and growing!).


Once you have your site looking snazzy, it’s ready to launch! How you drive traffic to your site is completely up to you! We encourage all forms of marketing and social  media. We support whatever gets your site the attention it needs in order to gain Leads! Send traffic to your site, get the Leads, win the Listings. That’s the goal!

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Want more information? Check your email address and confirm your subscription. We will immediately send you a more in-depth look at the product!